Hangouts killed the Group star (or so I hope)

Claudia Cangini writes about her experience of roleplaying organisation GenteCheGioca going viral on G+. This post has been originally published in the blog Gaming as women on June 11th, 2012.

What’s your reaction?

Please, allow me a premise to this piece. I’m writing this about my personal experience, so it’s basically about Italian gamers, better still, only a part of Italian gamers (tabletop gamers, I’m not talking about larps). I don’t feel I know enough of the other countries scenes and am a bit worried, when people from a different gaming background will read this, it could appear obscure, offensive or simply prone to misinterpretation. Also I make some pretty strong assertions here, so it may well be I offend someone. I really beg the readers to turn their charitable reading dial to the max: if you see things differently I understand, but these are my feelings. Thanks!

That said, let’s try to convey my thoughts. I want to talk about something that is happening mainly on Google Plus and in the Italian gaming forum GenteCheGioca. It all started towards the end of 2011.

Lue loppuun