LARPs can change the world

This article was originally posted to  27th of March 2012.

LARPs can change the world

At least according to Norway’s new Minister of International Development, Heikki Holmås.


– I started playing with Ian Livingstone’s The Forest of Doom when I was 15, the minister from western Norway says.
From the series of Fighting Fantasy books, the leap wasn’t long to Dungeons & Dragons.
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Come to Oslo! – Grenselandet, the Norwegian international larpfestival

This text was written by Martin Nielsen from Grenselandet’s organizer team.


When the winter is setting in in Norway, Oslo larpers gather inside Chateau Nuef to play the finest chambergames from all over Europe. For the third year, we invite larpwrights from many different countries to come and run their blackbox, freeform and other kind of chambergames for two days. And you are more than welcome to join us playing!

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