SFV – Hunter, Hunted and Ted

by Samuli Ahokas

Somewhere over the remains of South America… now called Wasteland Columbia. You’re once again aboard your trusty supersonic jet, listening to the  briefing by Col. Lasershadow.
”Right! Listen up! Last night at oh-six-hundred hours one of our finest, Recon Commando Ted ”Ghost” Gibson failed to establish communication uplink for his daily report. We have a reason to believe that he has been hunted orcaptured by the Predators. It seems that those pussyfaces are going to use Ted as a bait. Well… I don’t blame them because it’s a well-known fact that killing Strike Force Viper men is the ultimate achievement for Predators.

Out intelligence tells us that there’s a huge crater at the heart of the wasteland. The Predator huntship must be there! Bring Ted back or avenge his death!”
GEAR UP! Viper style motherfuckers!!!!
The plane’s cargo door starts to open.
”We cannot use gliderbikes this time,” Col. Lasershadow yells over the howling wind. ”This time we go in old school!”
Parachutes! Motherfuckers!
Welcome to the Jungle
Hot, moist and full of deadly insects. Wasteland Jungle. Oh yeah, just like the armpits of the Devil.
The characters land on a small clearingabout 20 miles from the crater. A small trail leads form the clearing to the general direction of the crater. TThe Predators already have their black eyes on the target. Two Predators will try to take Strike Force Viper out as soon as they have released their parachutes (strict code of honor or something…)
HP: 250
Shooting: 2, Damage: 15 (Shoulder mounted PlasmaBlaster)
Karate: 1, Damage 10 (Wristblades)
Special rules:
– HoloCamo −1 to YOUR shooting while its on! FUCK! (It can’t stand water though.)
– Net and spear: −1 to YOUR Karate while it has them. Motherfucker!
– Self-destructing digital watch: It you kill this motherfucker it will blow.
Damage: 20. Roll once. Hurts everything in a 500m radius. *HOHOHOHOHO!* I hate these gyus!
The Crater and the Ship


Our intelligence was right. The Predator huntship lays on the bottom of that Crater. It has been raining, so the ship is half submerged, but who gives a fuck. The doors are locked so you’ll have to blow it open. Alien supermetal can soak lots of damage.
Hatch of the Huntship: HP: 100
The ship’s interior is totally alien and really smelly. Weird gas rises from the blown hatch. You hear the sounds of a fight. HELL! Ted’s alive! Ted has been fistfighting his captors since his arrival on the ship. You notice that there are as many Predators as there are Strike Force members, plus the one that Ted is fighting. They have no PlasmaBlasters, only wristblades, spears and nets. Glowing green blood is running from numerous wounds. Ted has been busy. If you wanna play by their rules, grab your Viperknife or -katana and kick the these fuckers off your planet. Rest assured, they won’t be back any time soon!