Ropecon 2021 Guest of Honor Cat Tobin LOKI interview

Etä-Ropeconin 2021 yksi kunniavieraista on Cat Tobin, joka tunnetaan ehkä parhaiten Pelgrane Press -pelikustantamosta. Hän on ollut julkaisemassa yli sataa roolipeliä, roolipelaa ja larppaa. Tobin on tuonut kustantamolleen lukuisia palkintoja, kuten yleisön suosikki ENnien Gen Conissa.

Ropeconin kotisivut kuvailevat Tobinia myös seuraavasti:

”Tobin on myös suuri tasa-arvon ja feminismin puolestapuhuja alalla, ja tekee paljon työtä pelialalla Yhdistyneessä Kuningaskunnassa työtä tekevien naisten verkostoitumisen edistämiseksi. Omien sanojensa mukaan hän on suunnittelija, joka on kiinnostunut immersiosta ja oikeita tuntemuksia herättävistä peleistä.”

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Ropecon 2019 Podcast-kooste

Lokin Pohjoisen Kirjeenvaihtaja ja Ropecon-agentti Elmeri Seppänen ja päätoimittaja Massi Hannula tekivät conin aikana kaikkiaan yhdeksän haastattelua, jotka on koostettu Massin ja useiden vapaaehtoisten avulla podcasteiksi lukijoillemme.

Nyt podcastit on koostettu yhteen tähän postaukseen, josta ovat helposti kuunneltavissa. Listauksen jälkeen kiitämme paitsi podcastin mahdollistaneita, myös Patreon-tukijoitamme ja jaamme lisätietoa tämän vuoden Loki-bileistä.

Ropecon-sarja jatkuu ensi viikolla Ville ”Burger” Vuorelan podcast-haastattelua laajentavalla artikkelilla.

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SFV – Hunter, Hunted and Ted

by Samuli Ahokas

Somewhere over the remains of South America… now called Wasteland Columbia. You’re once again aboard your trusty supersonic jet, listening to the  briefing by Col. Lasershadow.
”Right! Listen up! Last night at oh-six-hundred hours one of our finest, Recon Commando Ted ”Ghost” Gibson failed to establish communication uplink for his daily report. We have a reason to believe that he has been hunted orcaptured by the Predators. It seems that those pussyfaces are going to use Ted as a bait. Well… I don’t blame them because it’s a well-known fact that killing Strike Force Viper men is the ultimate achievement for Predators.

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Three stories from the Larp Writer Summer School 2013

Norwegian Fantasiforbundet and belarussian Education Center ”POST” organized the Larp Writer Summer School for the second time in Lithuania, Moletai this summer. Three of the participants came from Finland. Carolina Renman from Turku and Joanna Österman from Helsinki took part in the summer school, and Maija Korhonen from Helsinki attended the Larporatory programme for last summer’s students.

Ville Vuorela’s (Burger Games) interview

Ville Vuorela is a man behind Finnish hobby game publisher Burger Games and leading independent roleplaying game publisher in Finland. He also actively participates in different hobby related conventions and is active in roleplaying forums. In following interview Thaumiel Nerub interviews Vuorela. This interview is previously published at ”Cradle of Rabies – From role to games” blog on September 2011.

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Hangouts killed the Group star (or so I hope)

Claudia Cangini writes about her experience of roleplaying organisation GenteCheGioca going viral on G+. This post has been originally published in the blog Gaming as women on June 11th, 2012.

What’s your reaction?

Please, allow me a premise to this piece. I’m writing this about my personal experience, so it’s basically about Italian gamers, better still, only a part of Italian gamers (tabletop gamers, I’m not talking about larps). I don’t feel I know enough of the other countries scenes and am a bit worried, when people from a different gaming background will read this, it could appear obscure, offensive or simply prone to misinterpretation. Also I make some pretty strong assertions here, so it may well be I offend someone. I really beg the readers to turn their charitable reading dial to the max: if you see things differently I understand, but these are my feelings. Thanks!

That said, let’s try to convey my thoughts. I want to talk about something that is happening mainly on Google Plus and in the Italian gaming forum GenteCheGioca. It all started towards the end of 2011.

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Sweet home Alabama – Making fun serious

Danish Live action roleplaying game Sweet Home Alabama entertains Danes and internationals in July 2013 in Denmark. Organizer Kasper Brandt presents the LARP for LOKI:

Imagine a small town in Alabama, south-state USA. Let us call it Hicksville.

Imagine now that Hicksville is everything you’ve ever heard about redneck and white trash stereotypes. Imagine a small town, of 100 rednecks, during the annual farmer’s expo, where families gather and intrigues blossom. Spice this up with illiteracy, incest, religious fanaticism, racism, violence, alcohol and banjos.

You get the idea.
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LARPs can change the world

This article was originally posted to  27th of March 2012.

LARPs can change the world

At least according to Norway’s new Minister of International Development, Heikki Holmås.


– I started playing with Ian Livingstone’s The Forest of Doom when I was 15, the minister from western Norway says.
From the series of Fighting Fantasy books, the leap wasn’t long to Dungeons & Dragons.
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Come to Oslo! – Grenselandet, the Norwegian international larpfestival

This text was written by Martin Nielsen from Grenselandet’s organizer team.


When the winter is setting in in Norway, Oslo larpers gather inside Chateau Nuef to play the finest chambergames from all over Europe. For the third year, we invite larpwrights from many different countries to come and run their blackbox, freeform and other kind of chambergames for two days. And you are more than welcome to join us playing!

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